Joining Our Worship LIVE

Below are instructions on how to join our “live” Sunday service, each week at 10 am, and any additional worship services we may hold. We usually make recordings of our services available soon afterwards. We will normally open the “doors” around 9:45 so you can get connected, get settled and, if you like, grab a coffee!

Please download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app on to your computer, tablet or phone in plenty of time (from the App Store or by visiting this link: You will only have to do this once. Once you have downloaded the app, there is no need to open the app.

A few minutes before the service is due to start all you need to do is click on this link:

Meeting ID: 648 623 831


Helpful Hints

– you might have come to the service early. You will then see ‘waiting for host to start the meeting’. Do nothing, just wait.

– Once the host comes online you then have the option to click ‘Join the meeting’.

– then follow instructions to allow video and audio links.

– if you are uncomfortable with being on video please turn off your camera

– if you get in a muddle close down and go back to the original link and start again.

– if you are using a laptop or desktop and have not downloaded the app there will be a link, ‘click here’, which leads to a second link, ‘join from your browser’. Then follow the instructions to join the service.

– you might be asked to enter your name. This is helpful so that we know you are with us.

– It is important to have checked your volume control so that you can hear.

– If you do not have a camera on your device, this does not matter. You will still be able to view the service – we will know you are with us.



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