Access Project

Access Project Phase 2 – Dedication of Facilities November 2021

Access Project Phase 2 – Completion Report November 2021

Access Project Update – August 2021

Access Project Update –  March 2021

Our Vision

Our vision for this project is to make our church building at Dyke and its hall welcoming and hospitable, with user-friendly access and improved modern facilities. It is not just about wheelchair access although it is important that the premises are disability compliant. We need to make it a place that everyone is happy to use, young and old, including those with issues of sight, hearing, dementia and mobility.

The Footpath

Phase 1 focused on providing disability compliant access from the village hall car park to the front door of the church. A new footpath has been constructed, the old churchyard wall rebuilt, fencing erected and lighting installed. On Sunday 19th November 2017, the Dyke Church community celebrated the completion of Phase 1, a symbolic linking of the community and the church.

The Church Hall

As we have progressed with fundraising it has become clear that obtaining grants for all of the proposed work in one phase was not achievable. Having spoken to some of the potential funders they advised that although they were supportive of our project and happy with the quality of the application, they were not confident that we could raise all the funds needed within the timescale they require for the drawdown of any grant offer.

Phase 2 (completed November 2021) focuses on the provision of disability compliant toilet facilities. This will require the underpinning of the kitchen extension, the conversion of it into two toilets, provision of baby changing facilities, bringing the fire escape up to standard, making the door to the sanctuary soundproof and creating wheelchair spaces in the worship area. The heating, lighting, ventilation, insulating and decorating of the toilet and corridor area will be part of the work. This will achieve some important improvements and repairs, including providing a disabled toilet accessible from the sanctuary.

The temporary loss of the kitchen facilities can largely be overcome by providing a small kitchenette in the church hall, at a modest cost, reusing material from the removed kitchen.

Phase 3 will be the full refurbishment of the church hall. Details are shown on the plan (PDF).


We are most grateful to all who have contributed. There has been superb support from the local community for which we say a huge ‘thank you’.

We are pleased to record our thanks to the following organisations who have provided funding: Moray Presbytery, The Baird Trust, Berry Burn Community Fund, Scotland’s Churches Trust, The Ferguson Bequest Fund, Allchurches Trust Ltd., The Garfield Weston Foundation, FCC Communities Foundation, The Beatrice Laing Trust and another Trust which wishes to remain anonymous.


If you would like to make a donation please contact the Church Session Clerk, Mrs Jane Foster:



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