Dyke Church Access Project

Our Vision

Our vision is to make the church and hall welcoming and hospitable, with user friendly access and improved modern facilities. It is not just about wheelchair access although it is important that the premises are disability compliant. We need to make it a place that everyone is happy to use, young and old, including those with issues of sight, hearing, dementia and mobility.


Phase 1 and work to date

Phase 1 is about getting disability compliant access from the village hall car park to the front door of the church. The path is almost complete and the old churchyard wall has been raised to support a section of the path. A post and rail safety fence will be erected adjoining the wall and a new boarded fence has been erected along the west boundary where there was an unprotected 2m vertical drop. Finally the path will be lit with lamp posts in the graveyard and bulkhead lights on the fence.

Phase 2

We are currently finalising our plans for phase 2 and looking at sourcing funding. Below is an outline of our aims:

The existing kitchen extension will accommodate two toilets, one of which will be disability compliant and also have baby changing facilities. A sink and worktop will provide facilities for cleaning and flower arranging. The fire exit will be improved. At the other end of the corridor, three steps will lead up to a landing which will be on the same level as the church hall. A wheelchair lift will be fitted to the wall, like a Stannah stair lift but with a platform for wheelchairs, which can fold away. In the Hall, the end partition and toilet will be removed and a kitchen installed.

The blocked up door to the Brodie Porch will be opened up and the iron grill gate removed. The porch will form an attractive entrance to the Hall with its decorative tiled floor and ornamental stonework and memorial. The 15th century Brodie memorial that is currently on the end wall of the hall, where the kitchen will be, is to be moved and displayed in the porch.

The existing low exterior door to the hall will be replaced with a window, providing natural light into the hall. The existing three small, dark windows will also be improved. The asbestos boarding that currently lines the hall walls will be removed. The heating, insulation and lighting will be improved.

Just Giving

We have now registered the church with JustGiving so if anyone would like to set themselves a challenge and at the same time raise funds for our project you can find us at http://www.justgiving.com/dyke-parish


Standing Order

The committee has been asked if it is possible to donate by standing order on a monthly basis.  If you would like to explore this further please speak to the church treasurer Ann Crossman.