Service for 7 June 2020

Due to a technical issue with a participant’s connection, some of the prayer of intercession (at the end of the service) is inaudible. The text of that prayer is below:

Lord God Almighty, we thank you that on the day of Pentecost you gave us the Holy Spirit to fill us and renew our faith. As we move into a new week, we ask that you would stir up our love for You, let your flames warm our hearts with trust in Jesus Christ and dare us to do great things in his name.

Gracious God as you filled the early church with the Holy Spirit, we ask that you would fill us and give us energy to serve you in Christ’s church.

Open our eyes to recognize needs for ministry and mission, and to learn from this time when we have had to do things differently in worship and pastoral care. Open our hearts to connect with those for whom the time of social distancing has been very difficult. Open our hands to share in the tasks that need doing, and open our lips in prayer and praise.

Almighty God, loving Father through the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives we ask for understanding for those whose lives seem so different from ours and those facing situations because of the pandemic that we didn’t encounter; for those with whom we’ve disagreed and for problems and challenges we will now face at home, at work, and in your world as we try to recover from the effects of coronavirus.

Compassionate God, we pray especially for NHS staff, doctors and carers, for all business owners, teachers and pastors and government leaders, especially those known to us.  We thank you for their dedication. May they daily be given wisdom by your Holy Spirit to solve any problems facing them at this extraordinary time, so that great things can be achieved to your glory.

Compassionate God, fill us and bring healing to all who face pain or illness, discouragement or disappointment, made so much keener because of isolation; bring healing for all who know sorrow, sadness or grief, and for those who face stress and pressure as they try to rebuild their lives.

Transforming God through the Holy Spirit develop in us the compassion of Jesus and may we ask each day that the Holy Spirit would fill us and refresh us as your faithful followers, equipped to serve the world you love in his name, these things we ask as we together say the words Jesus taught us: Our Father…..


Video of beach courtesy Videvo. Creative Commons 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0).

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