House Group – Discipleship Explored

Join us as we explore Christianity in a new, friendly house group. Everyone is welcome!

We’ll be enjoying coffee, conversation and discussion. We all get one life to live and deep down we’re all asking the same question – what’s it all about? We will be basing our discussion on the popular Discipleship Explored series. This eight-session journey through Paul’s letter to the Philippians is ideal for believers at any stage of the Christian life.

Starting on 17 January 2019  at 7:30pm and running every 2 weeks until April, we’ll be chatting over many of the issues raised.

Want to take part? Contact Elizabeth at church, or email You don’t have to be a church member or come to church regularly to take part! Feel free to join part way through the session – you don’t have to come to every one.

Session 1 Confident in Christ
Session 2 Living in Christ
Session 3 One in Christ
Session 4 Obedient in Christ
Session 5 Righteous in Christ
Session 6 Transformed in Christ
Session 7 Rejoicing in Christ
Session 8 Content in Christ

Watch the first episode here:



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